Sale of an Important Stradivari Cello

The “Countess¬†of Stainlein, ex-Paganini” cello by Stradivari was played for over 50 years by¬†Bernard Greenhouse of the Beaux Arts Trio. It was expected to exceed the previous top price of $6 for a cello. Reportedly Greenhouse wanted to sell the instrument before he died (at age 95) so that he could ensure that it went to a deserving musician who would appreciate it as he had, but couldn’t bear to part with it. It was recently sold at auction by Reuning & Sons, Boston, for an undisclosed amount to an anonymous patron in Montreal (alas). But at least it didn’t go to an Arab sheik or something. Be a shame to have it put away in a vault. Instead the instrument has been “endowed” (I guess like a long-term loan?) to an 18 year old Canadian cellist.

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