Lira Organizzata

“Lira organizzata” is a real hybrid instrument that had a brief popularity from the late 18th-early 19th centuries. It was a combined hurdy-gurdy (aka “lira”, “vielle a roue”, etc.) and a small organ similar to the early portativ (thus an “organized lira”). The organ and lira could be played independently or in combination. Music for this instrument was written by Haydn, Pleyel, and a few lesser known composers.

The few historical examples in museums are apparently in rather awful condition. But the Viennese luthier Wolfgang Weichselbaumer has created a modern reproduction that is beautiful in both sound and appearance. I have come across some impressive videos by Spanish musician Germán Díaz playing Weichselbaumer’s instrument. They are well worth hearing, as are videos of Díaz playing other hurdy-gurdies.

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