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Who owns what

This table lists some of the major musical instrument manufacturers and their subsidiaries. The world's largerst manufacturer is Yamaha, but nearly all Yamaha products carry the Yamaha brand. Companies are bought and sold rather frequently, so this information may not be entirely current. Many of these companies began as independent specialty manufacturers which have subsequently been absorbed into larger corporations, sometime with little more than their names surviving. When such a merger or acquisition occurs, it is not unusual for detailed records (including serial numbers) to be lost or deeply archived.

Gibson Guitar Corp.      
  Gibson USA     Electric and acoustic guitars and basses, electronics
  Gibson Custom, Historic, & ES Electric Guitars/Basses
  Epiphone     Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, Dobros, and basses, electronics
  Kramer     electric and acoustic guitars and basses
  Steinberger     Electric Guitars/Basses
  Tobias     Electric Guitars/Basses
  Valley Arts     Electric Guitars/Basses
  Avante baritone   Acoustic Guitars/Basses
  Gibson Original Instruments   Mandolins, Banjos, Dobros
  Maestro     Mandolins, Banjos, Dobros, band instruments
  Slingerland     drums
  Baldwin     pianos
  Chickering Grands   pianos
  Hamilton     pianos
  Howard Grands   pianos
  Wurlitzer Grands   pianos
  ConcertMaster     player piano systems
Steinway Musical Instruments   pianos, winds
  Steinway & Sons   pianos
  Boston     pianos
  Essex     pianos
    Vincent Bach brass
    Selmer USA woodwinds
    C.G. Conn   brass
    King   brass
    Armstrong   woodwinds
    Ludwig   percussion
    Musser   percussion
    Glaesel   strings
    Scherl & Roth strings
    William Lewis & Son strings
    Emerson   flutes
    Benge   brass
    Artley   woodwinds
    Leblanc, Inc. Leblanc band instruments
      Holton band instruments
      Noblet band instruments
      Vito band instruments
      Selmer (Paris) brass and woodwinds
      Yanagisawa saxophones
Music Group, The (formerly Boosey & Hawkes) winds
  W. Schreiber     woodwinds
  Julius Keilwerth   woodwinds, esp. saxes
Buffet-Crampon     woodwinds
  Antoine Courtois Paris   brasses
  Besson     brasses
Fender Musical Instruments   electric and acoustic guitars and basses
  Squier     electric and acoustic guitars and basses
  Tacoma     acoustic guitars and mandolins
  Gretsch     electric and acoustic guitars (especially archtops) and basses
  Tacoma Olympia/Orpheum acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins, resophonics
  Charvel      electric guitars
  Jackson     electric guitars
  Guild     acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars
  Benedetto     archtop and electric jazz guitars
  Manuel Rodriguez   classical guitars
  Wm. Knabe     pianos
  JP Pramberger     pianos
  Sohmer     pianos
  Kohler & Campbell   pianos
  Samick     pianos
  Symphonia     electric pianos
  Greg Bennet     acoustic guitars
C. Bechstein C. Bechstein     pianos
  Zimmermann     pianos
  W. Hoffmann     pianos


Kaman Music        
  Ovation     guitars
  Applause (pdf)   guitars
  Adamas     guitars
  Takamine     guitars
  Jasmine   guitars
  Hamer     guitars
  Slammer   guitars
  Toca     percussion (primarily Latin style)
  Gibraltar     percussion
  Gretsch Drums
  LP Music (aka Latin Percussion)
    percussion (primarily Latin style)
    LP Rhythmix   student percussion
  Sabian     percussion (cymbals)
  Lee Oskar      
  Becker Instruments    

student violins

  CB Percussion     student percussion
  Vic Firth     student percussion

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