Aristides One-Piece Molded Electric Guitars

Not well known in the US, Aristides Instruments of Haarlem, Netherlands, is manufacturing high-tech electric guitars and basses featuring a one-piece molded body made of an exclusive glass crystal in resin matrix (which they call “Arium”) with a glass/carbon skin. Their claim is that the material performs like a […]

MIDI Wave Theremin

When I was a kid we’d get a massive Sears catalog in the mail every year. Must have been hard on the postman when those came out. For more than a century, Sears was the place to get all the essential stuff for living in America — everything from thermal underwear to cast iron stoves […]

Europe’s ‘earliest string instrument’?

I wonder sometimes about scientific discoveries, especially when it comes to archaeological artifacts. The BBC and other British news sources report the finding a notched piece of wood on Skye “believed to be the bridge of an ancient lyre” some 2300 years old. Cambridge “music archaeologist” Dr Graeme Lawson said the discovery marked a “step […]

FACTOID: The World’s Top 10 Music Companies

The top 10 music and audio companies in the world ranked by annual revenues are:

Yamaha Corp (Japan) $4.496 billion Roland Corp. (Japan) $1.020 billion Kawai Musical Instuments (Japan) $763 million Sennheiser Electric (Germany) $637 million Fender Musical Instruments (USA) $625 million Harman Professional (USA) $523 million Shure Inc. (USA) $425 million Steinway Musical Instruments […]